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Here's a special message for every  Fundraising Superhero who wants to make  as much money as possible but is tired of the same old fundraisers.
 Do you know how hard it is for most groups to find a fundraiser with a unique product that will earn the money they need?

Well, we provide a delicious product and easy process so you can raise the money you need without stressing.

Pay Close Attention

If you want to succeed in raising money for your group 

Most Fundraising coordinators  think it is hard to find a product that people want to buy.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

If you want to raise the money you need with an amazing product ... then THIS is exactly what you're looking for.

I'd like to introduce you to our “Donuts to Dollars Fundraising Program" which makes it easy to earn the money you need!

It is the shortcut for you to:
  • Providing a product that wow's the donors
  • Involves the group
  • Accomplishes your goals with little stress
  • ​An ordering process that is done for you

Donuts to Dollars

How it Works

We create a WEbsite 
for you 
We give you Marketing templates to Promote Your fundraiser & website 
Donors order donuts  on your website 
We receive The Orders and Make the Donuts
We Deliver the Donuts  to your Pick up Location
You Earn $5 for every box you sell! 

You Could Literally Be Just A Few Bites Away From DOUBLING, TRIPLING, or Even QUADRUPLING Your Fundraising Goal... But you need to Take Action Fast!

Be the Hero that discovered the Tastiest Fundraiser with Hawaii's Favorite Donut ...

Check Out These Results From Other

Fundraising Superheros

Dimond High School earned money to perform at Disneyland
Bowman Elementary raised money for their 6th graders to go to camp
Nanwalek Eagles raised money to get to the State games for the Native Youth Olympics 
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